Sunday, June 5, 2011

To Kill A Mockingbird-Final Response

      Although Scout has to face many events that change her views on the world, she keeps her moral and strong sense of what's right.   I feel like this shows that she is a very strong person.  Most people seem to conform and accept when they come of age, I'm glad that Scout stays the person she truly is.
      Scout Finch grows up in the small southern town of Maycomb, Alabama.  She grows up in times of inequalities-Sexism, Racism, these were very different times from ours.  One of the main issues she has to face is learning about the little rights women had.  Scout grows up mostly around men, as she lives with just her father and her brother, her mother having passed away.  Having little to do with most women does not help her in growing up to be a "proper lady."  Yet that is what her society is pushing her to be.   The old woman who lives up her block looks down on her for playing sports and getting dirty.  Once even her brother expressed his shame, he said
"Oh, for christ's sake, why don't you just act like a lady for once. You're a girl."  Scout did not want to wear a nice dress to church, she wanted to wear shorts instead.  Scout really must feel the pressure of society trying to turn her into something she's not.  However, although there's all this pressure on her to be "a proper lady," she doesn't let society turn her into one.  She keeps her own personality, the slightly boyish one, even though that's not what people want of her.  I think that's very strong of her.
           Another issue that Scout comes to terms with as she comes of age is frankly, the cruelties of small-minded people-The gossip that circulates.  Scout is part of what could be called a "not-so-kosher" family.  She grows up without a mother, having her major influences be men and her housemaid.  In a small-minded southern society, It's not right for a girl's major women role model to be black, and her imperfect family gets her lots of unfair gossip.  One time, a boy in school

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